Choosing an Ideal Career

An ideal career is something all of us want in our lives- a profession which we would enjoy, but which will also feed our bellies. But for most of us, it only remains a dream, as we don’t have the knowledge about what constitutes to a ‘perfect career’. No matter how uncertain or clueless you are about your future career choices, if you know what a perfect career is made of, you can clear away the uncertainty and deduce your options.

The making of a perfect career is similar to that of a cake. You need all the ingredients in perfect quantities. But of course, the recipe of a perfect career is not as complex as that of a cake, but it certainly requires a few rare ingredients.

The secret formula of a perfect career is fairly simple once you get to know it, obviously.You need only Three ingredients-

1. Your Interests

As the name suggests (duh), is it even a perfect career if your interests don’t lie in it? Is that even something you would want to do for the rest of your life? (We just hope that your answer is ‘No’). The first aspect to keep in mind while figuring out your perfect career is where and what interests you. Certain activities and ambiences spark up a light inside you unlike anything else. Identify that spark, and what made it (obviously, duh). Many people mistake their hobbies for their career interests and end up with a wrong career choice. Know that hobbies are something a person would USUALLY do during their free, leisure time to feel better or relax themselves. A simple liking towards doing an activity during free time does not necessarily mean that your career lies in it, because most of us would give up the hobby if we were made to do it under pressure daily. You might have an interest in music, but that doesn’t mean you want to become a musician. You might like to draw and sketch and paint in your leisure time, but imagine doing that daily under a set of rules. You wouldn’t like it as much, would you?

2. Your Personality

Imagine you have an outgoing personality- you’re friendly and easy and love to talk. You possess the personality of someone whose life has no rules, who wants travel and explore new worlds with new places, people, food—You’d want to become a Travel Jockey. But, imagine yourself being forced to work in a 3 by 3 corporate office with strict rules and office timings. Multiple restrictions and hardly any freedom. Would you want to do that? No obviously, it would be a torture for someone of that kind.

It is very necessary to identify the kind of a personality you possess. This is important because certain personalities do well in certain professions, or in other ways, different professions require different types of personality (like in the scenario above).

3. Your Aptitude

Aptitude refers to the natural ability of a person to perform a certain task or activity. Every human is good at some tasks and not so good with the other. Your aptitude determines how well you will pick up a career. Aptitude is developable as you can sharpen your skills in a particular activity, but here comes a catch. You might have a natural aptitude for a specific thing, but if that thing doesn’t interest you, your aptitude in that would not be of that much of importance for you.

It is necessary that the recipe of your Perfect Career has the equal amount of all of these ingredients. Sometimes, there are cases where one of the Three is missing. For example, a person might be interested in Psychology (yes that’s what we talk about all the time), and would have the Aptitude for it- good conversational skills, but lack the Personality- s/he’s insensitive towards human emotions. The end result would be an insensitive, heartless psychotherapist, which would be as useful as a spoon with holes.

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