Difference between Shyness, Introversion & Social Anxiety

‘Oh dear, why don’t you open up to people? Are you shy to make friends? Don’t worry you’re just an Introvert.. try gaining more confidence, you should be an extrovert person to stand out in the crowd.’

Have you heard such conversations or suggestions before? There’s a fine line that divides these huge terms into three categories

  1. Shyness
  2. Introversion
  3. Socially anxious

And yes! All of them are different! Let’s take three situations to describe each term broadly

Situation 1

Mariah usually stays quiet in the beginning when she goes out to attend functions, but she has a jolly nature, once someone opens a conversation with her, she talks a lot! But oh! It’s hard to start talking to her.

If you are the type of person who wills to make friends and talk to people, but you find it difficult to approach them, welcome to the category of shyness. And yes! It’s OKAY to be shy! You can always work on it (if you want to).

Situation 2

Sarah hardly attends any parties! She always has an excuse for every meet we make! Everytime I try to drag her out, she’d rather pick up her paint brush and start painting or open up Netflix to watch movies! She’s pretty happy on her own.

If you are the person who’d skip parties and humans to explore your hobbies and interests, if you think you are happy enjoying your own company everytime! You probably are an introvert! It’s again OKAY to be an introvert as it wouldn’t cause you any harm.

Situation 3

Rose usually tries to join our cheerleading squad, she’s got really good moves! But every time I try to invite her, she gets scared and refuses the invitation, I’ve seen her getting stressed every time she tries to perform! She just tries to run away!

Uh Oh! If you are the type of person who feels super self conscious when you’re around people..”what if I speak something and people start laughing at me!? What if I smile for no reason and people find it awkward?! What if I accidentally blurt a rude comment!? What if……..God! I really wanna go out and make friends! But I can’t! I’m too scared of possibility that they might dislike me, I’d instead stay away from them 🙁 “

Social Anxiety causes a huge distress and trouble to oneself, as you really want to go out and enjoy that piece of cake! But you can’t! You need help here.What kind of category do you think you belong to?

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