Key To Success In Any Career

All your life you hear how intelligence is important to progress in life. How you need to be smart and your brain sharp to become successful. How you need to have a high Intelligent Quotient, aka IQ, in order to have a successful career. Everybody says that success depends on your intelligence. If you’re intelligent, you’re going to be successful; if you’re intelligent you’re going to reach the pinnacle of success if and only if you’re intelligent are you going to—


Research shows that IQ does not matter as much as EQ- Emotional Quotient. Emotional Quotient is the capability of an individual to recognize emotions and distinguish between different feelings. And further research shows, that people with HIGH EQ have a MUCH better chance of being successful in their lives than people with a high IQ but low EQ.

EQ holds a stronger importance in your life than your academic success, but we hardly acknowledge what it is. A person with a high EQ has a better chance of becoming successful professionally, but also has a more satisfying personal life. Studies show that high Emotional Quotient leads to healthy relationships with others- stronger friendships, better connections with bosses and colleagues in work place and a happier love life, only to name a few. Poor EQ, only the other hand, is strongly correlated to unethical and criminal behaviour (relax; it’s correlated, not necessary that you’ll end up becoming a serial killer).

So, all in all, Your IQ accounts for only 20% of success in life, but emotional and social intelligence take the lion’s share when it comes to over-all success. Even after knowing the effect of EQ on lives personally and professionally, we do very little about it. Your IQ cannot be increased (Flashback: remember those Maths and Physics classes where you tried your best but ended up with average marks *evil laugh*) but lucky for you, EQ can be. With time and interventions, it can be improved and can boost your quality of life in general!

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