4 Simple Steps To Mind Map Your Career

Choosing the right career, the one which you will love, and setting up proper goals for it is something that everyone aspires.

Achieving goals and espousing the right career is almost like a treasure hunt. Just as a clue map is needed to locate the treasure in a treasure hunt, a mind map is used to chalk out the right path to achieve your goals and chose the right career.

What Is A Mind Map?

Mind map is nothing but a visual representation of your ideas. It expresses ideas in a way that matches the way our brain works, making understanding and remembering easier. Mind map is one of the best tools for career planning which isn’t tedious and is actually fun to make. All you need is just a piece of paper, some colour pens and an intriguing idea.

Things To Take Care Of While Drawing A Mind Map

  1. In order to draw a mind map it is imperative that you have an open and an unhampered mindset.
  2. Sketch all the ideas that come in your mind, do not forgo any of them.
  3. Be as colourful and imaginative as you can be.
  4. Make sure you use a great deal of images and pictures to represent your ideas to make it more conducive to imagine and remember.
  5. Do proper due diligence to list more ideas.

So, let’s try and make a mind map, shall we?

Go on and grab a blank paper which is large enough to fit in all your ideas.

Drawing The Mind Map

STEP 1: The cornerstone

Your career goal is the cornerstone around which all the other related ideas revolve. At the centre of the page, draw an image which best represents your career and which makes it easier to imagine.

STEP 2: The inner ring

Sketch down the different specialty fields or branches of your career, which come to your mind after you draw the central idea.For instance, if you choose Writing as your career goal, the different specialty branches would be Editor, Script writer, Feature writer, Content writer etc. Connect them with the central image using curved lines or arrows. Use colourful pens and crayons to make it more efficacious.

STEP 3: The outer ring

Expand the inner ring fields further. Ask yourself “what education will be required for this particular specialty?”, “Which courses I must opt for to get a sound knowledge of this field?”, “How should I develop my network?” etc. Research to list down more and more related ideas and create a spectrum of ideas so that it becomes clearer for you to find the right path to reach your career goal.

STEP 4: Strategize

After vividly drawing your mind map, the final step is to develop an effective strategy and find the best path to find your treasure i.e achieve your goal. Pick those ideas which interest you and map them to reach your career goal.

Done with all the above steps? Bravo! You now have a well-sketched map to achieve your goals.

But What If You Get Stuck At Some Point?

While drawing the mind map, you might feel being stuck at some point. It may happen that you do not have the required knowledge to proceed further. In such situations, it is beneficial to seek professional help. Consulting a professional will improve your brainstorming sessions and thus will help you in generating more ideas. For instance, again, let’s say you are interested in opting Writing as your career and you have sketched all the ideas that came to your mind but because of limited knowledge, you are still unable to carve out the right path to achieve your goal. This uncertainty will lead you astray. In order to avoid that, you should seek help from a professional who has a sound knowledge of the field of “Writing” as a career. Seeking his/her help will not only assist you in finding the best path but also open up new frontiers.

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