8 Most Common Roadblocks On The Path To Decide Your Career

The road to decide your career is, in fact, filled with speed bumps and roadblocks. The more one is aware of these hurdles the easier it will be for him/her to tackle them and reach the destination.

What Are These Speed Bumps And Roadblocks?

These barriers are present because of your lack of awareness, fear of failure, your irresolution and many such elements.No matter which career you choose, you will have to tackle these obstacles. Let’s discuss some of the most common roadblocks one faces while deciding their career goal.

1. Spectrum Of Choices

In today’s world, there are a large number of career options. This indeed is a potential roadblock to many people because it becomes more difficult to choose the best suited career out of thousands of potential career fields.In order to avoid being entangled in this web of choices, it is essential to exactly know what your interests are and what skills you have. Consulting a professional will also help you narrow down your options.

2. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something we have all experienced in our lives. Many people decide their career based on the choices made by their friends or colleagues, who might not have the proper knowledge about the field, because of peer pressure.These misguided choices indeed have a lot of consequences on one’s life, like dissatisfaction with the chosen career or job, losing self confidence etc. Hence, it is extremely important to build a positive framework and seek the support of the right people. Relying on information rather than people is the key to avoid being a victim of peer pressure.

3. Fear Of Failure

The fear of losing the job, the fear of losing interest in the field and many such fear elements are major obstacles on your career path. It is only natural to be afraid of the new environment and new responsibilities but it is important to not let these fears affect your choices.It is imperative that you make the best out of your anxieties and fears. For instance, if you are having doubts that you might lose interest in the field once you commit to it or that you won’t be able to deliver proper results, you must talk to a professional who is already working in the similar career field and get a proper idea of what you are getting into.

4. Following The Success Trend

This is one of the most important obstacles over which many of us stumble upon. Looking at other people’s success in some career field strongly allures you to choose that particular career field. But it is important for you to understand that if someone is succeeding in his/her career does not necessarily imply that you will also succeed at that particular career. It highly depends on your skill set and your education. Instead of following the masses, find your own way and evaluate all the career options which are best suited for you.

5. Constraints

Financial constraints, educational constraints, experience constraints etc. truly frustrates your progress in finding the appropriate career. Almost everyone has some or the other constraints which are needed to be dealt with. Consulting the right people who have overcome such constraints is extremely beneficial in such situations.

6. Show Me The Money!

Everyone aspires for a high paid job. Money is indeed a trap to which we all fall prey to. Many people decide their career based on the scope of earning a lot of money. It is true that money is important but it should not be the sole deciding factor for your career since earning money is highly relative and exclusively depends upon your capabilities.

7. Not Knowing The Proper Path

Even after deciding which career you want to work in, lacking the knowledge of exactly how to achieve it is a major speed bump on your route. In order to tackle this, it is necessary to develop an effective strategy to reach your career goal. “Mind Mapping” is one the best tools you can use for framing your strategy.

8. Lacking Mentorship

Proper mentoring is required if you are irresolute of your career choices. It is essential to have a mentor or a guide who will keep you from leading astray. Always seek professional help if you are having doubts and are unaware of which steps to follow in order to achieve your target.

These are some of the most common obstacles on your path to glory. Surely there are many others too. The only thing to keep in mind, while dodging these hurdles, is to be aware of yourself i.e your knowledge, your interests, your strengths etc. Do thorough research and gather as much information as you can before you embark on the journey to reach your goal. If stuck, never hesitate to consult a professional.

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