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Mind-Blowing right?

We, at Inner Planet, are going to launch a super experiential workshop on Psychology Life Hacks.

P.S. Not your regular workshop with one-way theoretical lectures.

You'll be getting a total of

Live 16+ 0 Hrs

of curated interactive sessions from the


who'll share


related to psychology which you can use anytime all by yourself.


This isn't only for Psychology professionals. It's for you, me, and anyone.

If you want to know more about yourself exploring the field of psychology and knitting these together to become the consciously best version of yourself, You are at the right place!

We'll learn together, by interacting within a diverse and driven community.

Wondering what these cool life hacks will be all about?

Let us reveal a small teaser for you

Knowing your feelings helps you feel your feelings. Confused? 
If finding the right words to express how you feel is a question you’ve asked yourself before, this hack is for you. Here, you will learn to enhance your emotional vocabulary. 

We’ve heard the phrase “everyone is unique”. But, what makes you unique? 
YOU do! 
This hack will help you get some insight on who you are and how we differ from one another. 

Did you know that you can maximize your happiness? Yes, you read that right
In this hack, you will learn about happiness and the power you hold in controlling it; leaving you a happier you! 

Relationships are one of the most important parts of our life. 

In this hack, you’ll experience how your patterns and communication will help you ace it like a pro. 

This hack will help you pack your personalized mental health kit! Let’s help you choose and understand your tools.
You are the maestro of your own mental health and these tools are going to help you maintain it!

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Cool, right?

We're not done yet!

You'll all be completing this workshop taking back the Certificate at a grand Non-Graduation Party.

What's more? 

Lifelong access to an amazing network to learn and a community to connect with.

Meet our Mentors

Commencing from 1st July 2021 Duration of the Workshop

4 Weekends : 8 Sessions

(2 Hours each Saturday & Sunday)

5.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Price: ₹1999/-