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that you find yourself stuck. Maybe in relationship struggles or a difficult life event or just in trying to unleash your innate potential. External pressures and problems may not be avoidable, but fortunately the key to change is still with you, your thoughts! The big bang to your emotional reactions and behavioral outcomes. 


that you find yourself stuck. Maybe in relationship struggles or a difficult life event or just in trying to unleash your innate potential. Being stuck in any of these means just one thing – that you are stuck in your thoughts – the big bang to your emotional reactions and behavioural outcomes.

That’s where we come in!

We help you repair your thoughts! 

We see you for what you are, accept you for who you are, and dream with you towards what you can become. Most importantly, we help you be better. Whether it is a seemingly insurmountable mental illness, a treacherous phase of life, or a growing determination to rise, we stand with you through it, always.

Our Team

Yogita Madan


REBT Psychotherapist, Child Psychotherapist, M.Phil L.D. University of Mysore, M.A Clinical Psychology

I am an insightfully methodical and adaptable psychotherapist with expert training and qualifications in REBT & CBT psychotherapy. With a far-sighted mindset and a humanistic approach, I believe that therapy sessions are serene experiences where I can help you explore and analyse your limiting beliefs and grow through them. I aim to use a mix of empathy and problem-solving to help you feel comfortable, safe and reassured. I am intrigued by relationships and families in the Indian context and have spent over 8 years helping clients across many countries find balance in these avenues using an Emotion Focused Therapy approach.

Languages - English, Hindi

Zohra Master


REBT Psychotherapist, Associate Fellow and Supervisor Albert Ellis Institute New York USA, MA Clinical Psychology

I am an exuberantly passionate professional with an international certification in psychotherapy (REBT & CBT) as a practitioner and a Supervisor from the Albert Ellis Institute, New York City. Liberal by nature, I truly believe in human beings and their capacity to realize their potential and utilise increasingly creative and engaging ways to help them. My approach to therapy is incorporating genuineness with humour to make sessions feel conversational, while being grounded in a sound therapeutic structure. Over 8 years of taking therapy has introduced me to a diverse population, all over the world, with a diverse set of problems, which I can effectively help clients navigate.

Languages - English, Hindi

Anushree Aurangabadkar


REBT Psychotherapist (Advanced Practicum from AEI), MSc Counselling Psychology CHRIST deemed to be University

I am a genuine, empathetic and diligent professional with a knack for constructing an unconditionally safe space in which you can be vulnerable and explore your thoughts and feelings. I have honed my storytelling capabilities and I combine it with witty humor to create a no-judgment atmosphere that sparks constructive perspective changes within clients. My small in-session activities help emphasize detailed nuances which concretize healthy belief systems. I use a cognitive behavioral approach in my sessions and am especially adept at working with individuals who have just started their journeys at the cusp of adulthood.

Languages - English, Hindi, Marathi