What is GreyMatter?

GreyMatter is a psychotherapy program designed by mental health professionals to address the distresses of employees with utmost proficiency. We specialize in helping human beings reach their full potential through behavioral training.

1.06 trillion- That’s the economic cost of mental illnesses in India. Distress hampers the ability of employees to realize their full potential. At Inner Planet we use a highly effective and efficient cognitive behavioral therapy called REBT to address these distresses. It is a short term therapy with a short recovery rate, administered by internationally certified therapists, Us. Our modules are based on highly researched and evidence based psychological principles and have interactive and experiential modes of training. We have had the pleasure and good fortune to apply the aforementioned modules displaying significant results within companies like TAL Manufacturing Ltd, TATA Motors and John Deere.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee assistance program (EAP) is a structured intervention designed by us to help your employees resolve their emotional and personal problems that may be adversely affecting their workplace performance. It is a scientifically proven intervention that is currently being incorporated all over the world by growth oriented companies. The idea is providing short term solution focused help that will help make employees independent and self-sufficient in decision making and emotional regulation. This makes EAP a very valuable investment.   In a study of 24,300 employees collected from 30 Employee Assistance Programs, it was found that attrition dropped by 27%, employee engagement increased by 8%, and there was a jump in life satisfaction by 22%.

Outbound Training

Outbound training is an evidence-based technique that helps improve employee and team behaviors through outdoor activities. It is used to enhance effectiveness via experiential learning activities and games. These cultivate team building and problem solving capabilities by introducing challenging scenarios in the outdoors. Some of the best learning happens in an open atmosphere, where the environment offers its boundlessness of possibilities. Our outbound training uses outdoor and natural elements to magnify the effectiveness of psychological teachings using our experiential mode of training. We have expertly crafted modules like team building, leadership and change management, creative thinking and conflict management that aim at enhancing the various skills of employees that enable them to perform at increased levels. Please contact our HQ for more information.

Behavioral Training

A company’s biggest asset is its manpower. It can train its employees in world class business techniques, but without a psychologically and emotionally sound base, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate the techniques to their optimum capacity. Our behavioral training helps bridge that gap. It’s like oil for a well built machine. Our modules are based on highly researched and evidence based psychology principles. We also have interactive and experiential modes of training headed by our experienced corporate advisers.

The Strategizer

It polishes all attributes required for strategic thinking. These attributes include goal setting, planning, decision making and problem solving.

The Ultimate Team Player

With skills like team building, empathy, communication and conflict resolution, this module aims at teaching how to work effectively in teams.

Productivity Pro

We constructed this module with the goal of developing skills like time management, assertiveness, stress management and procrastination-breaking that enhance competence and productivity at the workplace.


This Module was built with the idea of helping one find balance and inner peace in life. In this module we teach work-life balance, value and purpose, developing resilience and enhancing Emotional Quotient.

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