Process & Treatment of Exam Stress

Exam stress is that feeling of discomfort you get when you feel like you can’t cope with revision, or feel pressure due to the sense of continuous evaluation going on your head. You must’ve asked yourself why this feeling? What is causing me to feel this way? Is it even helping me? Well, Exam Stress is something that you can figure out, unlike Math. Ever figured what generates exam stress?

STAGE I: Triggers

It all starts with a trigger. Triggers are anything that initiates and/or speeds up the whole process of Stress you feel before an exam. So basically, triggers are to stress is what breakups are to Taylor Swift.

Stage II: Thoughts

Stress is generated by a negative thought which is mostly self-doubt and/or a fear of bleak outcomes like underperforming or even failing in an exam. These negative thoughts multiply in the mind like India’s population and lead to anxiety.

STAGE III: Anxiety

Now, anxiety being anxiety reinforces questions of self-doubt and generates feelings of inadequacy of preparation for the test. It is after this stage that you start questioning your preparation and get thoughts of not performing well or flunking.

STAGE IV: The self-fulfilling prophecy

This constant repetition of such questions and possibilities makes you believe that you won’t do well and guess what? You actually end up doing way below your potential, way below what you could’ve scored- maybe an A+ grade which slipped down to a B, just because of this cycle, this Vicious Cycle of Anxiety!

And in every successive examination, these triggers keep hitting you over and over again, changing this loosely bound sequence of events into a strong chained cycle, hence giving it the name “The Vicious Cycle Anxiety”. And this is why, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Solution

For where there is a problem, there always lies a solution!

ALIVE is one such place that does not only let you know the triggers but also, help you seek professional help! We believe in breaking stigmas over stress and anxiety. Learn the managing techniques that help you through this vicious cycle of anxiety and ace the forthcoming exams!

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