Why Your New Year’s Resolution Doesn’t Work and How to Make It Work

A New year’s resolution is a promise you make to yourself where you plan to pick up or lose habits to improve yourself, but you never do. Chances are that you have a pile of unfinished new year’s resolutions since 2012.

A new year’s resolution is so exciting in the month of December because our dysfunctional habit of waiting for the perfect time to start- we think starting a new habit would work more efficiently if we do it from the start of a systematic arrangement, i.e., the 1st of January. But as the year progresses, we slowly lose hope and end up with incomplete resolutions. Hardly any of us fulfil our resolutions, but have you ever wondered why?

Why do we keep a New Year’s Resolution?

Inherently, humans have a deep desire to develop themselves. We want to constantly improve and grow into better beings in every aspect we feel is important. Some of us would want to develop good habits like eating healthy, exercising regularly etc. while some of us would want to eliminate bad habits like smoking, or cussing etc. We want to be that enhanced and nourished versions of ourselves so that we feel better.

But do we really accomplish to change? We don’t. Now that brings us to…

Why doesn’t our New Year’s Resolution work?

We are beings who desire growth but we’re also beings of comfort. We would prefer staying the same rather than improving at the cost of our comfort zone. We start the year excited and motivated with our resolutions, but a few days later once we hit a hurdle, we lose all of it. This is because when we face a hurdle while learning something new, we start losing our hopes to do it. We think we won’t make it through. We tend to give up rather than facing the obstacle and start procrastinating day by day, and end up slowly stopping and going back to our same old self, waiting for motivation to arrive and ending up waiting for another perfect time to start according to our dysfunctional habit, i.e., 1st January of the next year.

So how do we make our new year resolution work?

Simple Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work!

STEP 1: Tolerating The Discomfort

The pain of improving causes us discomfort and hence we want to delay the discomfort to a better hypothetical suitable time. Prepare yourself to tolerate the INITIAL discomfort, but you’re still going to do it because it’s going be worth it. Remember why you want to do it in first the place and constantly remind yourself why it’s worth it.

STEP 2: Factor In Fluctuations

There will be fluctuations. There will be ups and downs. High and lows. Good days as well as disappointing days. Just breathe through, and keep pushing yourself through the bad days. You will see your flowers bloom really soon.

STEP 3: Do Not Wait For Motivation To Arrive

Motivation doesn’t come when you stop doing something. Motivation will come internally as you see improved results of whatever you’re trying to do. The results motivate you to push yourself to do more and more in order to achieve better results, which will again motivate you to do more. That is the cycle.

STEP 4: Letting The Myth Of Perfect Timing Go

Finally, there will be no perfect time to begin. You don’t begin doing a bad habit from the first day of the first month of a new year, why wait for a good habit then? If you really want to, you don’t necessarily have to wait for 1st January, you could start anytime! January, February, oh screw it, it could be October! Alright then, get set with your new year’s resolution and start doing.

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